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Director’s Message

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As the only medical center affiliated with a women’s university in Korea it is our role and mission to protect and save mankind from diseases with the Spirit of Christianity educate female leaders in medicine.

In 1887, ‘Boguyeokwan’, Korea’s first hospital for women, was built and the medical center has since been dedicated to treating women’s illnesses. And has since became the pioneer in treating women’s cancer and specializes in women’s’ treatment center for breast cancer, thyroid cancer and gynecological cancer.

Other specialized centers include the Stomach and Colorectal Center, Stroke Center, Cardiovascular Center, Liver Center/Pancreas & Biliary Center, Stem Cell Transplantation Center, Kidney Center, Respiratory Center, Shoulder Disease Center, Sleep Center, Bariatric Surgery Center, Inflammatory bowel disease Center, Joint Replacement Center and others that focus on chronic illnesses and provide specialized treatment and provide a competitive edge.

And from the love and support of our patients we were able to receive the top ratings for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, acute myocardial infarction (AMI), acute stroke from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Ewha Womans University Medical Center is currently constructing a cutting-edge hospital in the Magok district of Seoul to establish ourselves as a global standard medical center. The new hospital, 'Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital', scheduled to open in 2019 will emphasizes on treating difficult chronic illnesses and providing value added service in cooperation with the Ewha Womans University Medical Center.

Through constant change and innovations we plan to provide a superior environment for our patients and medical standards based on systematic clinical research to become a medical center with a competitive edge.

Thank you very much.