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Local Center for Dementia and Mental Health Center

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Gangseo Center for Dementia

Ewha Womans University Medical Center consignment operates the Gangseo Center for Dementia from the city of Seoul. The center provides basic dementia examination including dementia patient registration management, rehabilitation treatment, dementia prevention education and other integrated medical service for dementia patients. The center which opened in September 2009 has 12 professional experts including neurologist, nurse, occupational therapist, social workers, etc. The medical center through operation experience from Yangcheon-gu Center for Dementia aims to establish itself as an exemplary regional medical center.

Yangcheon Center for Dementia

Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital has operated Yangcheon Center for Dementia since May of 2008, sponsored by Seoul City and Yangcheon-gu. The Center is equipped with the healthcare education room, the medical office and the test room, and provides diagnosis, registration, management and treatment services for patients. The Center also operates the rehabilitation program center, the daily life training center and the lounge. Psychiatrists, nurses and arts therapists are providing the integrated dementia patient management services in a systematic way.

Yangcheon Center for Mental Health

Yangcheon-gu Office signed an agreement for consignment of the mental health center with Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, and the Center was open to the public in April 2009, in order to efficient responses to the mental health which has emerged as a serious social issue.
The Center is located at the basement floor of the Health Center of Yangcheon-gu, Sinjeong-dong, and six professionals including a psychiatrist, mental health nurses and welfare workers provides the integrated mental health management services to promote the mental health and improve the quality of life of local residents.
In order to improve recognition on the mental diseases, the Center operates educational and PR programs, and builds the favorable environment for mental health by helping patients and their families promptly rehabilitating and adjusting to the society.
The programs of the Center include the patient management program, mental health counseling for local residents, lectures on promotion of mental health, promotion of health of children and young adults and prevention and management of alcoholics.