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Ewha Womans University New Hospital

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Ewha Womans University Medical Center and is constructing a new state-of-art hospital in the Magok district of Seoul to serve as a hub for international patient care and chronic illnesses.

The new hospital planed for completion in 2019 in Magok district of Seoul will have 5 floors below ground, 10 floors above ground and 1036 beds. It will specialize in cerebrovascular heart disease, bone-marrow transplant center and other high acuity diseases. The hospital will operate state-of-the-art international healthcare center, premium Health Promotion Center for international patients, same day treatment and examination with one-stop service system, dedicated international patient cashier counter and plans to introduce other systems to provide international standard care and medical service.

Ewha Womans University Medical Center’s new hospital will be a complete turning point for Korea and anticipates next level of medical service truly centered around the patient.