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Parking Information

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Parking fee

Parking fee
Classification Parking hours Base rate Remarks
Day 06:00~22:00 The 1st 30 minutes: KRW 1,000 KRW 500 per ten minutes
night 22:00~06:00 The 1st 30 minutes: KRW 1,000 KRW 500 per ten minutes
Night Discount Program for guardians of inpatients: KRW 1,000 for one car per inpatient
    • Maximum fee per day: KRW 20,000
    • The maximum daily fee is applied to the case of ticket loss
    • Parking fee is doubled for 2.5t trucks and buses with 24 or more seats
    • The daily fee expires at midnight
    • Contact for Parking : +82 - 2 - 2650 -2668

Parking Pass System

- Discount Program for guardians of inpatients

- KRW 20,000 for the first three days, additional KRW 5,000 for each additional day

Parking Fee Exemption Programs
Item Beneficiaries Hour of Exemption Required
Patients • Outpatients
• Patients who get physical check-ups and medical examinations
• Patients who made reservations
4 hours • Submit the parking pass with the receipt at the point of leaving the hospital
• Check at the parking office
Patients who are hospitalized or discharged from the hospital All day (24 hours) • One car per once
• Patients who are hospitalized can get a stamp on the parking pass (check at the parking office)
• Patients who are discharged from the hospital can submit the parking pass attached to the receipt.
Patients who get surgeries and serious cases who move to the general wards Until midnight One car per a check at the parking office
Staff Staff who visit the hospital for official purposes 1 hour