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Outpatient Service

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Outpatient Services (for international patients with or without Korean National Insurance)

Make an appointment

Call us at +82 2-2650-5890


Apply online at Request an appointment

Visit our clinic (Please note that the same day appointment is not possible.)

Visit the International Healthcare Center

Please note that you will require a verification of your identification for patient registration. If you have medical records or diagnostic imaging, please arrive 10 minutes earlier to register the material. You can visit your assigned physician with your hospital identification number.

Consult with your physician

The physician will discuss your care plan and recommend you to other specialist should it be necessary. International Healthcare Center nurse or coordinator will assist you when scheduling diagnostic test or follow-up appointment.

Complete payment

Treatment fees can be paid with in Korean won or credit card. If you require foreign exchange services the bank on the 1st floor of the Main building can provide assistance. As per our hospital policy all outpatient examinations, treatments other than consultation should be paid prior to the appointment. Please bring international insurance forms with you (should you require to submit them back to your insurance company).

Proceed with test and prescription pick up

Once all payments are completed you can complete with your scheduled tests as required. Please print your prescription and proceed to the pharmacy for pickup.

Medical Service and Procedure (Outpatient)

Operating Hours for Outpatients

외래접수시간 안내


Morning 08:00 ~ 12:00 09:00 ~ 11:30
Afternoon 13:00 ~ 17:00

The Hospital provides service for emergency patients and labor services 24-7.

Receipt of patients may be closed earlier than the operating hour according to circumstances of each department.

(The Department of Dentistry closes receipt of patients at 11:00 AM and 15:30 PM.)

The Hospital operates normal medical services for outpatients in the morning of Saturdays. One attending doctor and one general doctor serve at each department.

Change and Cancellation of Reservations

Change or cancellation of reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment time.

예약변경및 취소
Reservation Methods Change and Cancellation Procedures

Reservations for Existing patients
Reservations by Visits

Contact each department
+82 2 - 2650 - 5114
Reservations via Phone/Fax/Internet Contact the phone reservation center
+82 2 - 2650 - 5566, 5577
If patients who have paid doctor's fees cancel reservations

Return the reservation slip to the receipt desk at Registration. Available at any Registration Desk from 8am-5pm.