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Inpatient Information(Hospitalization and Discharge)

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Inpatient Information


Provide information for hospitalization.

Apply to be admitted into a single-bed or multi-bed room.

The day of admission

Check-in at the Admission Registration Desk (No. 15-18).

Follow the hospitalization process.

Fill out financial guarantor form. (International patients must provide financial guarantor information)

Make a deposit for the hospitalization fee if required.


Discuss discharge process with the nurse or doctor.

Arrange for follow-up appointment.

Request medical documents. (if required)

Complete payment. (Admission Registration Desk - No. 15-18)

Receive medication from the nurse. (if applicable)

Room and Ward Information

Meals : Patient can choose Korean, Western, Russian and Arabic cuisine meals.

Lounge : TV, payphone, vending machine and drinking fountain is available for your convenience at our patient lounge.

Caregiver stay : One caregiver can accompany the patient. Please bring your personal items. (non-slip slippers, towel, toiletries, proof of guardian, etc.)

What to Bring

The following are items you might consider packing for expecting mothers and their families who are preparing for admission.



Extra clothes



Blanket and pillow (optional)

Meal Time and Options

Meal Time*

Breakfast : 07:00-08:00

Lunch : 12:00-13:00

Dinner : 18:00-19:00

Meal Options

Korean, Western, Russian, Arabic Caregiver can request meal at their cost. Please notify the nurse in advance.

Hospitalization and Discharge Procedures

Hospitalization (Reservation) Procedure

Step 1 Decision of hospitalization

Patients who have been told to be hospitalized after consulting with doctors or getting emergency care shall submit the letter of decision of hospitalization issued by doctors to the Admission Registration Desk (No. 15-19) of the registration.

Step 2 Patients prepare letters of agreement(application for the attending system, application for private room, certificate of joint liability on guarantee and agreement on payment of medical expenses)

Fill in the hospitalized patient’s card located at the Registration Desk and submit it with the letter of decision of hospitalization when going through hospitalization procedure or making reservations.

Step 3 Patients go through hospitalization procedures and make reservations

The private room may be given to patients due to unavoidable circumstances like lack of wards. If patients have failed to go through hospitalization procedure on the date of hospitalization for a certain reason or due to unavoidable circumstances like lack of wards, submit the prepared hospitalized patient’s card to the desk of hospitalization affairs, have the hospitalization reservation ticket and visit the hospital on the date of hospitalization after making a confirmation via phone.

Step 4 Patients are hospitalized and consult with doctors

Go to the allocated ward and consult with doctors.

Discharge Procedure

Step 1 Decision of discharge

Attending doctors make decision on discharge on the previous day or the day

Step 2 Issuance of bills after review of discharge

Morning : The department prepares medical charts, and reviewers of the Department of Insurance come to the ward and issue the bills.

Afternoon : Charts of discharge are sent to the Registration Desk, and phone calls are made to each ward after review. The bills are issued at the Admission Registration Desk (No. 15-19) of the Registration.

Step 3 Payment of medical expenses

Please bring the medical bill to the Admission Registration Desk (No. 15-19) to make a payment. We can make a reservation for the follow-up appointment at the same time. Reservations for medical services for outpatients are made after payment of medical expenses.

Step 4 Discharge

Submit the letter of confirmation on discharge procedure to nurses of each department after paying the medical expenses. Return home after understanding the medication and notices.

Step 5 Reservation of Medical Services for Outpatients

If necessary, doctors enter the date of appointment. Pay the reservation fees when paying the medical expenses for discharged patients, and the reservation ticket is issued. (If patients have two or more reservations, make request for reservation tickets at the desk for outpatients of the Registration.)

Progress Payment

Progress bill is issued to the wards every Tuesdays.

If progress bills are issued, pay the medical expenses at the Registration Office on the 2nd floor within two days from the date of issuance.

Receive the receipt after clearing the interim bills.

As interim bills reflect the expenses that have been entered, the amount of payments may be different from the actual expenses at point of discharge.