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Notes for Medical Check-Ups

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Previous Day

Have light meal before 7:00 PM.

Never eat food or drink water after 9:00 PM.

Stop taking medicine two or three days before the examination.

Avoid drinking and overexertion, and get enough sleep at the comfortable places.

Collect a feces sample on the previous day.

Fill in the examination sheet by interview in advance, and bring it on the date of examination.

Notes for colon examinations are separately given.

Day of Medical Check-Up

Arrive at the Hospital by the scheduled time (8:00 AM, 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM).

Never have breakfast, smoke and chew gums.

Have depressants with little water in the morning.

Morning walk or teeth brushing are allowed.

Bring medical examination sheet by interview, feces sample container and glasses or contact lenses.


Do not bring valuables and children.

Pregnant women and women in monthly periods cannot take medical examinations.

If you take anti-clotting drug (aspirin), consult with doctors who prescribed the drug and stop taking the medicine. one week before. There are risks of bleeding while having endoscopy and polypectomy.

Depressants are allowed with little water in the morning.

Because a loose tooth may be injured in stomach endoscopy, it is possible only after dental treatment of the tooth.

For precision CT (brain CT, heart CT, abdominal and pelvic CT, lung precision CT), and MRI, stop intake of diabetes drug 1 day before, the day of, and 1 day after test if applicable.

You cannot drive after conscious sedation endoscopy. Please take public transportation (accompany a guardian) or arrange to have a guardian drive you home. .

※ Reservations are necessary for additional optional examinations. Expenses of optional examinations are at your expense.

※ For inquiries about comprehensive medical examination, please contact us with the below information.

Reservations for Comprehensive Medical Examination

Reservation by visit : Ewha Womans University Health Promotion Center for Women / Health Promotion Center (3F of Cancer Center for Women)

Reservations via phone: Tel.82-2-2650-5117,5118 / Fax.82-2-2650-5037

Online counseling : International Clinic Appointments

Counseling hours for reservations : (Weekdays) 8:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (Saturdays) 8:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM (2nd and 4th weeks)

※ For change of reservations, please contact at least seven days before the date of appointment.