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High-Tech Medical Equipment

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We enhanced the accuracy of diagnosis, thanks to our high-tech medical equipment and the beast medical staffs in Korea.

High-Tech Medical Equipment

[The first hospital for introducing PET-CT in Korea(November 2010)]

We are the first hospital in Korea to introduce the revolutionary 128 channel PET-CT. With a single scan, it can search the whole-body tumors and detect those tumor cells that cannot be seen on other imaging devices. This enhances the possibility of early diagnosis of cancers and helps confirm the progress of the treatment. The high-resolution PET-CT can find tumor cells that are as small as 2mm in diameter minimizing radiation exposure of patients. The imaging speed is fast, halving the time required for the test compared to the other existing equipments. The patients will particularly satisfied with this feature as it reduces the waiting time.

(128 Channel PET-CT), (Dual 128 Channel CT)

[Advanced Dual 128 Channel CT (November 2010)]

We also use the advanced dual 128 channel CT, in which the rotating imaging device is used to acquire the cross-sectional images of the human body. It is equipped with two imaging tubes and detectors each to double the speed of imaging, particularly useful to the patients suffering from cerebrovascular or coronary arterial diseases or other conditions. Time is short such ad Emergency. Another benefit is that the images are clear with such speed. It allows for precision diagnosis for the patients who have a difficult time controlling their breathing or irregular heartbeats.