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"We will be born with customer-centered medical care and dedication."

Ewha Womnas University Medical Center is a medical institution with a long history and tradition began as Pogoonyogoan which was the first hospital for women in Korea in 1887. As the nation’s only one affiliated hospital for women’s medical university, we have received the love of customer by providing the best medical services based on experiences accumulated in the field of women’s education, research, and medical treatment and differentiated competitiveness.

Ewha Womans University Medical Center has continued innovated in order to provide new value based on customer-priority management.

For the first time among the university hospitals in Korea, we have improved the convenience of customers with differentiated medical services by operating treatment, examination, operation and specialization treatment by disease and patient customized collaboration treatment on Saturday. We are making its leap into a globally competitive hospital while having the affiliated medical institutions including Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital and Ewha Womans University Cancer Center for Women, the first female cancer treatment clinic in Korea which is well-known to both domestic and foreign customers and managing the Yangcheongu Dementia Support Center, Gangseo Gu Dementia Support Center and Yangcheongu Mental Health Center.

Ewha Womans University Medical Center will be open a new high-tech hospital in the Magok district of Gangseo-gu at the beginning of 2019.

Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, a new hospital of Ewha Womans University Medical Center will be the first hospital in Korea operating the optimal treatment environment by applying 3-bed standard ward and 1-bed intensive care unit, a negative pressure isolation ward complying to international standards, a negative pressure isolation room in emergency medical center, and a separate visitor’s room in each ward without increasing the cost of patients. It will minimize the risk of infection and will lead to change the medical culture itself, as well as the Korean hospital system, which is vulnerable to infection. In addition, we will provide a new healing experience that maximizes customer convenience with smart medical system applying advanced IT technology.

Ewha Womans University Medical Center has never forgotten the vocation of Ewha and the reason for existence as a serving and sharing based on the spirit of Christianity. As a university hospital, we will carry out our social roles and responsibilities, and we will do our best to be a hospital devoted to customers and society.

We will be renewed with differentiated customer-centered medical care with respect and dedication in order to repay the love of our customers. Thank you.