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Additional Test Items

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You can add the following options below to your health check-up program.

The tests are by an appointment only.

Specialized Program
Classification Exam Items Price (KRW)
Gastroenterologic Exam Gastroscopy Sedation 90,000
Colonoscopy (under sedation) 270,000
Abdomen-Pelvic CT (Enhanced) 330,000
Liver dynamic CT (Enhanced) 290,000
Pancreas dynamic CT (Enhanced) 290,000
Biopsy (Gastroscopic or colonscopic) -
Breast Exam Breast Ultrasonography 194,000
Lung Exam Low dose chest CT (Non-enhanced) 160,000
Chest CT (Enhanced) 250,000
Special Exam Brain MRI (Enhanced) 650,000
Brain MR Angiography 600,000
Lumbar Sacral Spine MRI 650,000
Cervical Spine MRI 650,000
Lumbar Sacral & Cervical Spine MRI 1,100,000
Brain MRI & MR Angiography 1,100,000
Wholebody MRI (Enhanced) 1,200,000
F18-FDG Brain & Wholebody Fusion PET-CT 1,300,000
Thyroid Exam Thyroid Ultrasonography 150,000
Heart Exam Heart 3D CT (Enhanced) 300,000
Echocardiography 260,000
Other NK Cell Activity Test 150,000
Abdomen Fat CT 50,000
Brain Routine CT (Enhanced) 200,000